TGU candidum

We are a biotechnology spin-out from University Stuttgart, Germany. Our pragmatic enzyme and inhibitor design technologies were created in an environment that combines the rational design techniques of bioinformatics with the experimental wet-lab characterization of enzyme variants. Our expertise is understanding the interactions between molecules and enzymes on the atomistic level, combining this information with big data sequence analysis and refining our designs by screening minimal libraries in the wet-lab. During this process, we aim to decipher the blueprints of an enzyme towards a specific design goal and create large-scale combinatorial enzyme variant libraries that are tailored to available screening capacities.

We benchmark development projects with feasibility studies or drive existing projects forward, to maximize the chances of finding the enzyme variant our customer needs. We thereby offer flexible business models and modular service packages of bioinformatics and wet-lab characterization. This allows our customers full control over involvement and enables us to seamlessly integrate into established development processes.


Dr. Sven Benson
Nobelstrasse 15
70569 Stuttgart

Tel. +49 711 -995 966 20