Cybertronica UG

Cybertronica Research is a research center of advanced robotics and environmental science. It is a high-tech spin-off SME from the University of Stuttgart. After successful European projects such as I-SWARM, GOLEM, ANGELS, CoCoRo, EvoBody SYMBRION, REPLICATOR, we accumulated a number of innovations with a high application potential. Since the research center was grounded by scientists, we target an open research approach; however our aim is to convert fundamental research into innovative business concepts and real-world applications. Cybertronica Research specialises in the area of cognitive robotics, intelligent mechatronics, environmental sensing and bio-technological systems. The company targets a close-loop development and design cycle, where all necessary scientific knowledge as well as mechanical, electronic and embedded programming skills and equipment are concentrated in one area and closely integrated with each other. This allows a rapid prototyping of complex electronic, micro-mechanical, mechatronic and bio-hybrid systems.

Founding Date: 2013


Telefon +49 711 410 0190-1
E-Mail: info [at]