TGU hexatransition

We are a science based company with a mission to enable fundamental improvements in the development of products. Our practice provides solutions for engineering in the fields of aerodynamics, aeroacoustics and thermodynamics applications. We offer a comprehensive set of engineering services. Our focus is in the field of computational fluid mechanics. Furthemore we offer seminars and consultancy on the usage of open-source software (OpenFOAM, Python, matplotlib), in order to improve your workflow strategies and therefore saving costs. These enables High-Performance-Computing on low costs.


Dipl.-Ing. Gabriel Axtmann (PhD Student)
University of Stuttgart
Institute for Aerodynamics and Gasdynamics (IAG)
Pfaffenwaldring 21
70569 Stuttgart
Don-Carlos-Str. 45
70563 Stuttgart

Tel.  +49 176 629 0869-4