Up2B ProductBooster

November 5, 2018 um 3:00 pm – November 28, 2018 um 6:00 pm
Heidelberg, Mannheim and Walldorf

Who you are

  • You are a startup from the field of IT, digital or high-tech with a clear B2B focus
  • You already have a prototype or MVP
  • You want to get professional support improving your digital product
  • You want find your first B2B customer

Program Period

5th November – 28th November 2018

Program Language


Program Location

Heidelberg, Mannheim and Walldorf

What you can expect

All you have to bring is your MVP or prototype of your digital product.

Week 1-3: In workshops run by experts you will take your product to the next level. The goal is to push your product towards customer-readiness. You will learn how to perform a usability test, polish your UI/UX, release your software product and build up a sales funnel to boost your sales KPIs.

Week 4: You will meet potential customers at a corporate speed dating. Corporates will screen your product to see whether it suits their needs. You will also meet experts in one-on-one sessions.

Up2B ProductBooster – the fastest track to your customer! 

  • High-quality workshops to polish your product
  • One-on-one mentoring sessions with experts (IT-Lawyer, Software-Developer, UX Consultants, CEOs/CTOs etc.)
  • Contacts to potential customers at a corporate speed dating
  • Coworking spaces to work on your product during the program period
  • Free participation – meals included

Four weeks of intensive work.

Week 1: You have no time to waste. After a get-together on Monday, the program starts with a professional two-days workshop on UI/UX. The CEOs of a UI/UX agency know exactly what your customers expect from your product and how you can meet these expectations.

On Thursday and Friday you will meet Andreas Ott, a Hong Kong-based coach and expert in B2B Sales Funnels. In his workshop, he will show you exactly how to increase your sales performance – and how to approach, win and keep your customers.

Week 2: You have one week to implement your key learnings from week 1. Use this chance to work in our coworking-spaces, support each other and get help by mentors and the Up2B-team. Always remember: We expect nothing but improvements. Only the best startups will meet our corporate partners in the last week! No talk, all action!

Week 3: At the beginning of the second workshop it´s all about usability testing. During the first two days you will test your product, document and evaluate the test results.

After the testing phase, it’s time to gain know-how to get your product on the market! You will get support to overcome common hurdles of releasing and implementing IT products into the B2B environment.

Week 4: Expand your network with people that will boost your product and blow your mind! The startups which have made the greatest progress in improving their product now have the chance to make valuable connections: They will meet experts in IT-Law, UI/UX, Software-Architecture and B2B Implementation​, who will consult them in one-on-one sessions.

For the great finale we’ve come up with something special for you: At a Corporate Speed Dating you will meet potential customers and show them your solution. Corporates will screen your product to see whether it suits their needs. Get ready to have your first sales contracts signed!

*Start-up BW Pre-Seed

The Baden-Württemberg government will pilot a new pre-seed investment program in which participants of an accelerator get the chance of a typically 100 k€ ticket.  After the final of each Up2B program a jury will nominate the most convincing start-up teams to participate in the pre-seed program. If the nominees succeed in convincing the pre-seed committee, a financing of 100 k€ is secured.